Conan Exiles (PC)

Also for:
PS4 , Xbox One
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Action , Survival , No quotas , Action RPG Fantasy , Dragons and Dungeons)
1-40 (Competitive: Yes, online / Cooperative: Yes, online)
Texts in Spanish and voices in English
May 8, 2018 (Pegi: +18)

Description: Survival and universe Conan hand in hand with this promising Conan Exiles in which it challenges PC players and consoles to survive in an open world in which they must get ahead building and dominating the brutal world of one of the most heroes. well-known and charismatic fantasy that passes, this time, to the multiplayer with the possibility of choosing between public and private servants and that, although of lesser importance, also has individual modality. 

Its leaders defend that there is no gender that best suits this character and his universe than that of survival, and that Hyboria is defined as “a hard land that does not forgive where only the strongest survive,” and where the weak are condemned to the disappearance. To survive, in the role of an initially weak and helpless exile, in Conan Exiles we must hunt animals, fight monsters and also other players and even build complete cities and end up thriving in a world as inhospitable as the one that concerns us.

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