Ancestors Legacy (PC)

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Destructive Creations
1 C
Strategy , Real Time Historical , Medieval and Vikings)
1-6 (Competitive: Online)
30-35 hours (+ multiplayer)
Texts in Spanish and voices in English
May 22, 2018 (Pegi: +18)

Description: Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans and Slavs clash in Ancestors: Legacy, a real-time strategy video game developed by the authors of the controversial Hatred. Command your troops, take advantage of their special abilities, and defeat your enemies in the spectacular and exciting battles of this game set in the Middle Ages. 

Destructive Creations opts for a style of play similar to that of Company of Heroes, putting you at the controls of small squads of soldiers with their own abilities. In Ancestors: Legacy it is also important to take advantage of the scenario using the grass to hide and thus attack the rivals by surprise, or creating traps with which to liquidate the rival army very effectively. Along the way you must manage the resources in the villages you conquer, building buildings to train new troops. 

Ancestors: Legacy includes a complete campaign mode with stories featuring the four factions that face each other in this videogame. You can also fight against the AI ​​of the game in skirmishes, or face other players through the online multiplayer for up to six people.

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