AMD Vega 2, the first 7nm GPU with more power and lower consumption

Computex 2018 is an event that we expected great news from Nvidia and AMD, the two main producers of graphics cards in the market. AMD has been the only one that has presented a GPU for players, the second generation of Vega .

Nvidia made a presentation before the start of the fair in which, in addition to presenting its GPU for artificial intelligence, said it was missing a time to see the new graphics cards for players, the GTX family 11 . AMD, however, has met expectations with Vega 2 .

As with its processors, AMD has followed the roadmap marked a few weeks ago and has managed to ” thin ” the GPU to 7 nanometers. Thus, Vega 2 becomes the first GPU in 7 nanometers, which gives a clear advantage over the cards with a lithograph in more nanometers.

A vega for less than € 650? Yes, the Strus of Asus

And, down to 7 nanometers, Vega 2 graphics will be 35% more powerful than the first generation GPU while consuming less. Lowering the nanometer is something that AMD is looking for hard, and is achieving with its processors and, now, with its graphics.

Despite being a GPU manufactured in 7 nanometers , the chip itself is larger, since it houses four memory bays. The graphic memory of Vega 2 will be, again HBM2 to have a bandwidth , and you can have up to four bays with up to 32 GB.

AMD has confirmed that we will see the new Vega graphics on the street later this year, but the bad news is that we do not have any information about the clock speed, bandwidth, bus and consumption.

The decrease in consumption is something that we will be watching, in addition to temperature management. And, these parameters, in addition to the drivers in certain games, were the Achilles heel of the first generation, as we told you in the analysis of the Asus ROG Strix Vega 64 .

In addition to Vega 2 , AMD has also presented in Computex the second generation of Threadripper , the bestial processor that will have up to 32 cores and 64 threads.

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