Will IGTV Kill Youtube?

Beginning with congratulations to Instagram, not every day a social network celebrates the reach of 1 billion active users in the month . Currently in the ranking of the largest social networks , only 5 of them reached 1 billion users. In the link you can see the complete list. Rumors had surfaced about a possible competitor to YouTube, which is just one of the top 5 social networks, with 1.5 billion active monthly users.

Well, many people talk about Instagram’s new feature being the Youtube killer. It was then that I stopped to analyze the tool, what it offers, how it will work and what can go right and wrong. Come along with me to analyze my points, and we discuss in the end.

IGTV the killer of Youtube?

IGTV, the killer of Youtube?IGTV, the killer of Youtube?

Hmm. 1.5 billion monthly active users, preferred platform for many content producers. It may not be the most profitable, but it is certainly the best that can leverage an anonymous. Many bands that are now successful, started sending videos of covers on Youtube, the best example that comes to mind now is Boice Avenue .

We still do not get the right answer whether it will affect Google TV, right?

Videos with 10 minutes?

Yes, the vast majority of users will be able to make videos with just 10 minutes, at least at the beginning of IGTV. Only the larger accounts will have the chance to make videos up to 1 hour. So far, to begin with, I see no problem. YouTube itself had a 15 minute limit. Until they create a good framework for storing all the content, this restriction will be enforced.

Here at Oficina da Net we produce review videos with time varying from 8 to 15 minutes, so to send a review to IGTV, we would have to organize the content to transmit the information at that time, not a big problem.

Video Format and Restrictions

Videos are currently restricted to MP4 format. At least that’s what the IGTV helpdesk informs. The minimum aspect ratio is 4: 5, and the maximum is 9:16. The restrictions are 10 minutes of time, as already mentioned and files of max 650MB. Videos with 60 minutes will have a maximum stipulated size of 5.4GB.

Is vertical videos a paradigm break?

Surely you should be thinking about the image of William Bonner showing that the videos should be made horizontally so that it is correctly played on the TV. I would say that the novelty of Instagram is to bring vertical videos.


It is a format that YouTube video producers are not used to recording, but users of stories yes. Would this format be more dedicated to the production of vlogs? If yes, in this case it would not be a direct competition to Youtube, but rather a complement. Many producers do not create vlogs on the main channel, the fact is that vlogs generally do not have the technical quality of production of the usual videos, it would be a more informal video allied to IGTV a good way for channel owners to communicate with more agility and proximity to the followers.

Is vertical video capable of transmitting all the contextual information that the traditional 16: 9 provides? 


Audience already built?

The community of people around the Instagram accounts is already a great benefit to the new IGTV channels. Imagine that you create a channel on Instagram TV today, with no followers, you will have to inflate a bit to start having more views. Now creating a channel with thousands of account followers as subscribers is an advantage.

Notification and delivery system?

If you use Instagram, you may have come across the IGTV icon. There are organized, as well as in the stories, all the videos produced by the channels that you are following. Unlike YouTube that shows, what he thinks is best for you to watch, IGTV will bring everyone. My preference is this. If I have chosen to follow something , it is because I want to receive content from that channel, POINT .

IGTV Notifications IconIGTV Notifications Icon

If they do not change, I find it interesting. Maybe an option to follow only Instagram and not the IGTV of that account.

Can I record with a professional camera?

You are free to do as you please =). Brinks . Yes, you can make videos with traditional cameras, just follow the rules of weight, aspect ratio and file format.

Can I upload videos from my computer?

You can upload videos over the smartphone through the IGTV app:

  1. Touch the IGTV icon in the upper right corner of the feed or open the IGTV app.
  2. To view the channel, touch the photo displayed to the right of Search IGTV .
  3. Tap + and choose a video, then tap Next .
  4. Add a title and description. In addition, you can choose to share a Facebook Page.
  5. Touch Publish .

And yes, on the computer also IGTV works , go to Instagram.com, go to your profile and click on IGTV. The process is similar to YouTube, click Upload Video , click + and choose a video to upload . Add a title and description. There is also the option to share on the Facebook page. But who today uploads videos to Facebook?Instagram com , go to your profile and click IGTV. The process is similar to Youtube, click

If the option has not yet released you will need to first create your channel. Go to the IGTV app on your smartphone and register.

Where do I watch the videos of the channels I’m still on IGTV?

Only on the IGTV app or Instagram itself. For now, only those two applications that watch the videos is available.

Will I make money by sending videos to IGTV?

It’s still too early to know, surely Instagram will apply a way for producers to make money from their videos, otherwise it would just be a way for them to create something just to advertise their main channel on the TV next door . If Instagram really wants to compete with Youtube, it should mainly think of a format that better remunerates creators , so it will be one step ahead of their adhesion.

Will IGTV Kill Youtube?

By my arguments, talking to some friends producers, the IGTV has come to be an ally to the creator . We still do not know for sure what it will become. There are no ways to get paid channels, not the small ones, this directly impacts those who already survive on videos . Is he coming to help? Yes , it will be the place where I see a greater proximity of the public with the creators.

It’s unparalleled image quality on the Instagram of Apple smartphones against the Androids. The iPhone seems privileged in the app, file compression is minimal, making the image quality incredibly superior even to good Androids smartphones. Does IGTV, who record directly from the smartphone will have the same problem?

And you, do you agree with my arguments or do you believe that IGTV will be the main means of consuming videos on the Internet? Leave a Reply

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