Why will not Nvidia launch new graphics cards this year?

In one of the most important technology fairs of the year where the main hardware producers present their novelties for the coming months. The world of technology has its eyes on this event before the possible announcements, and something that we expected was the presentation of the new Nvidia and AMD graphics cards .

2018 is the year in which we had planned to see new graphics cards from Nvidia , the new GPUs that would replace the GTX 10 series. Even supposed technical characteristics had been filtered out of two of the models that were going to be presented, the GTX 1170 by one side, and the GTX 1180 for another.

AMD also had to renew the family of graphics, because Vega, although it is the architecture of last year, came with some problems that prevented him from attracting attention as the company would have liked. AMD still expect some announcement in Computex, but Nvidia has already said that we forget new graphics.

Graphs of the GTX 10 family on Amazon

And he has done just before the event began, where he has had a presence showing new GPUs that will give life to the robots of the future . The company ” green ” cited us a few days ago a large announcement in Computex and, of course, we all think of the new graphics cards. However, the GTX 10 series is left for a while.

It was Nvidia’s own CEO, Jensen Huang, who confirmed that we will still have to talk about the GTX 1100 for a while, as they plan to stretch the GTX 10 family a bit more. Now, why not launch the new ones? graphic cards?

Actually, although many of us would love to see the new Nvidia graphics , to see if the power jump is filtered a few months ago, the company has good reasons not to launch with new GPUs .

The first is that, despite the lack of stock due to the cryptocurrency bubble, Nvidia continues to lead the market for dedicated GPUs with a crushing ratio to AMD. On that front, there is no need to launch new product.

Continuing with the cryptocurrencies, after more than six months with a complicated situation, with stores that lacked stock of Nvidia graphics of high ranges to the PVP marked at first, we have returned to a normal situationand consumers can acquire new cards without too many problems.

Finally, the generational jump should be noted. The two GTX 1070 and the two GTX 1080 are graphics cards capable of moving games at 4K with a constant frame rate and good asset quality and graphic parameters. Yes, they may not be able to put The Witcher 3 with everything activated at 4K and 60 frames, but a new generation ” only ” would be worth to achieve that goal.

The absorption of 4K screens, according to Steam’s hardware and software statistics, is not yet what is desired by the monitor manufacturers and most users are still playing in 1080p. A graph of the GTX 10 family is able to handle perfectly with that resolution.

Recently, at the GDC, Nvidia presented at the hands of Microsoft and Epic Games first demonstrations of raytracing , a new lighting technique in real time that will consume many resources. There are already games that will implement this technology, such as Metro Exodus, which will arrive next year, and Nvidia may want to be able to provide computational capacity to offer this technique, albeit in a limited way, in all its graphics.

Therefore, the possible reasons why there are no graphs of the GTX 11 family can be the current penetration in the market, the lack of competition (it is still necessary to see if AMD presents Vega 2, and how it performs) and that the generational jump will be greater than next year that this, when even the current graphics yield without problems in most situations.

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