WhatsApp already warns you if you send messages forwarded, in the beta for Android

The latest beta of WhatsApp for Android adds a small text to show you that a message has been forwarded . We already knew that something similar was falling, although finally it is not as we thought: the text appears in the chats to which the message has been forwarded , and not in the original chat.

That is, if someone forwards a message that you send by private, you will not know . At least, for now. In the other chat, where you have forwarded your message, they will know that it is not an original message, but forwarded. With a little luck this will help avoid hooligans and ” black circles “.

This message is not yours

Left: notice that a message is forwarded. Right: original chat with the original message, without warning.

As you can see in the screenshot above, a new flag of Forwarded is included , above a forwarded message, in gray. The text itself can be confusing without the context, so you better keep the copla that if you see this in a chat, it translates as that message has not been written by the sender, but has sent it from another chat using the resend function.

This is a warning similar to the one that appears in Telegram , although the difference is that WhatsApp does not specify who has been resent, a fact that is included in Telegram. In this, in addition, by touching the message the profile of the person who originally published it is opened, which is quite interesting from the point of view of responsibility for what is said.

Notice of message resent in WhatsApp and in Telegram

WhatsApp has started recording on its servers which messages have been forwarded and which have not, so they are shown retroactively after installing WhatsApp Beta. In the future, when the official version of WhatsApp adds the function, it will foreseeably be possible to see which messages were forwarded, as long as they were sent from today.

This is an important fact to stop the spread of rumors and disinformation that campaáis libre in WhatsApp, although it is a bit to put doors to the field. If you copy the text of a message to the clipboard and paste it in a new conversation WhatsApp does not show this warning, and we will undoubtedly see hoaxes in the future that will ask you to do just this to spread them to your contacts.

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