VivoWatch BP: Review

VivoWatch BP, a watch with more than just a pulse meter

Asus VivoWatch BP

ECG sensor ( electrocardiography )? Or better PPG sensor ( photoplethysmography )? If these acronyms sound like Chinese, then read carefully; and if at any time you have had this doubt ( ECG vs PPG ) when looking for a smart watch to play sports, then we already anticipate that it is likely that this Asus VivoWatch BP is made for you. It is a watch that combines both sensors to offer a blood pressure report in real time .

Asus has brought a good number of news to the Computex technology fair that is being held these days in the city of Taipei (Taiwan). One of them is this smart watch with clear sports dyes , and not only for the heart rate monitoring that we mentioned before, but also for the platform that Asus has developed around it to allow users to take a detailed control of their activity Physical: it is Health AI Technology .

But before we talk about it, it is clear that the star function of VivoWastch BP is the measurement of blood pressure . It allows obtaining this record in only 15 seconds of measurement, and Asus assures that we are facing the first smart watch in the market with the ability to offer this information.

The VivoWatch BP measuring the pulse

To date, the only devices to offer pulse measurement using ECG technology were very specific models of activity wristbands designed specifically for athletes. Watches with this functionality, beyond unknown models such as this Kickstarter project , it is true that we had not seen until today.

Faced with PPG technology (which is used by the vast majority of smart watches on the market to measure the pulse, and they do it through a green / red diode), the ECG has the advantage of offering much data more precise: not in vain, is what medical equipment used during tests to patients. And that’s what we talked about in Health AI Technology .

From an application designed by Asus , the watch lets you know practically everything about your activity on a day-to-day basis: you can see how many steps you have taken, how many hours you have slept, how has your sleep quality been, what is your heart rate in a situation of rest / activity … in short, the monitoring that we would ask of any smart watch with sporting functions .

Asus application for the VivoWatch BP

Asus has designed this smart watch with health in mind, and the idea of ​​the Health AI Technology platform   is to take advantage of the accuracy of the blood pressure data collected by the watch to create detailed reports on the health status of the user.

The VivoWatch BP ensures to offer up to 28 days of autonomy with a full charge, and its entire interface has been designed from scratch by the Taiwanese company: that no one expects to be in this watch with Android WearAsus joins the bet of an independent platform that has already taken other companies such as Samsung (with the Gear) or Fitbit.

The screen (whose size we will update as soon as we know this information) is protected with a layer of Gorilla Glass accompanied by an oleo-phobic layer to prevent the fingerprints from being marked on the panel. In this model, by the way, there is no lack of GPS . The watch will be available in two colors: black and gray.

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