Super Captain Flying Robot City Rescue Mission for PC

Super Captain Flying Robot City Rescue Mission – a cool action game, focused on devices with the Android operating platform. You can use tablets or smartphones with system version 4.1 or higher for the game. Age limit – from twelve years (the average degree of severity of violence). In the center of the plot is a superhero who protects the city and saves people. His task is to neutralize criminals, destroy enemies. In other words, restore order on the streets of the village. Properly control it, use special attacks and a number of unique skills. Safely neutralize the squad of gangsters, but do not think that it will be too easy. 

The game boasts convenient controls, implemented with the help of a virtual joystick and buttons. Main character “Super Captain Flying Robot City Rescue Mission “is able to fly and this ability will always help him out in difficult moments. Engage supersonic speed, megasila and show everyone who is in charge here. Perform rescue operations and other missions, getting maximum pleasure from everything that happens. The genre will be delighted. The application’s minuses are advertising content, donation is present. Paid elements are optional, advertising can be ignored or completely turned off with the help of real attachments.

Enjoy the amazing environment, good detail. Graphic design quality, it will be a pleasant impression. The interface is simple, they tried to make it as clear as possible to both beginners and professionals. Sound effects matched well. The size of the installation file is 49 MB. With Google Play, more than 100 thousand downloads have already been made. You can join other players by downloading the project on our entertainment portal absolutely free.


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Download “Super Captain Flying Robot City Rescue Mission” Apk

How to Download and play Super Captain Flying Robot City Rescue Mission on PC

Step 1. Download BlueStacks and install it on your Windows or Mac OS computer. On the first screen, tap “Enable” to connect to mobile accounts and you’ll need to sign in with your Google account from the Android Play Store. Then click “Continue”;

Step 2. Log in to your Play Store account and your Google account. Click “Existing” to enter your login information;

Step 3. After connecting with the Google account, the program will display the apps off the Play Store, with the options of applications, games and more, as if it were the screen of your Android smartphone. To search for your favorite app, and use it on your computer, click on the “magnifying glass” icon and enter its name;

Step 4. Now type Super Captain Flying Robot City Rescue Mission in the search bar.  After the search, click “Install” to continue and finish.

Step 5. When the download is finished click “Open”;

Step 6. Now your game will run on your computer, just like on your smartphone. To return to the Google Play Store page simply click on the “Arrow” icon at the bottom of the program.

If you still find it difficult you can check out the detailed instruction.


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