Skyward journey for PC

Skyward Journey is a very unusual time-killer for Android from the developer Dan Vogt, in which we will control the flow of winds and free stray birds. The game received the original design of the locations, a pleasant cartoon-like graphic design and wonderful music, the importance of which should not be underestimated.

Skyward Journey Gameplay

As such, there is no point in this game. In general, frankly, it creates the feeling that it was created by a person (or a group of people), whose apathy towards everything in the world is simply inexhaustible. This is not to say that the game plunges us into a pure negative, but being in a bad mood to sit behind it would not be a good idea. Although throughout the process, relaxing music sounds and the gameplay does not require any sudden movements from us, it was not without sad moments.

The main part of the gameplay is associated with the flight of birds over the sea or ocean, in which the islands are sometimes found. At the last one can find saddened people who come to their senses and begin to shine with happiness, when a jamb of birds, overtaken by the wind, flies over their heads. This is a key moment since these sad characters do not pay any attention to the birds soaring in the sky without wind.
The only thing that is required of us is to drive our fingers across the screen, causing a trickle of wind, followed by birds. With the help of such impulses, one can control whole flocks. In the main mode, you need to fly over all the islands, and then bring the joint to the dotted line. After that, the game begins something incomprehensible. We are watching an animation showing the flight of birds, and in parallel with this, quotations appear on the screen. They are in English and you can not read them, but skip them instantly fail.
The peculiarity of the quotations is that they belong to people with a gloomy mood. Sometimes there are really depressing records, but it happens that something slips and optimistic. In Zen Sea mode, we find ourselves above a static section of the water surface with two islets. Sad people are not here, and new birds appear from the luminous bubbles that pop up from somewhere at the bottom of the reservoir. There is no end to this mode and you can get out of it whenever you want. In this case, the counting of rescued birds is also anxiously. True, it is not clear what it all gives.

Skyward Journey Features

  • Strange and at the same time relaxing gameplay;
  • Utopian moods;
  • Interesting voice;
  • Simple control.

It is not clear what prompted game developers to create this time devourer, but he copes with his task one hundred percent. This is really an empty pastime, which doesn’t require anything from us except arbitrary gestures on the screen. This can be compared with the usual shaking of the legs, sitting on a bench or high chair. Or you can start the game instead of spinning a spinner in your hand. In general, nothing special happens in the game, but time runs on as usual.

The most interesting thing that Skyward Journey for Android is distributed for free, does not impose any purchases and does not bother with advertising. Perhaps you will find some sense of such a pastime and can relax while playing this game. She would not demand anything in return, that’s for sure.

Final grades

Gameplay 7 /10
Plot 7 /10
Figure 8 /10
Sound 8 /10

Skyward journey

Download “Skyward journey” Apk

How to Download and play Skyward journey on PC

Step 1. Download BlueStacks and install it on your Windows or Mac OS computer. On the first screen, tap “Enable” to connect to mobile accounts and you’ll need to sign in with your Google account from the Android Play Store. Then click “Continue”;

Step 2. Log in to your Play Store account and your Google account. Click “Existing” to enter your login information;

Step 3. After connecting with the Google account, the program will display the apps off the Play Store, with the options of applications, games and more, as if it were the screen of your Android smartphone. To search for your favorite app, and use it on your computer, click on the “magnifying glass” icon and enter its name;

Step 4. Now type Skyward journey in the search bar.  After the search, click “Install” to continue and finish.

Step 5. When the download is finished click “Open”;

Step 6. Now your game will run on your computer, just like on your smartphone. To return to the Google Play Store page simply click on the “Arrow” icon at the bottom of the program.

If you still find it difficult you can check out the detailed instruction.


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