September 14 will be released Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The company Square Enix and studio Eidos-Montréal officially announced that the development of Shadow of the Tomb Raider is completed, the game is sent to print.

To rescue the world from the apocalypse of Lara Croft on September 14 this year, this very day the project will be released on the platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

Along with the new video, Square Enix also released information about the game’s complexity settings. Players can choose between four different settings that not only affect the battle but also on searches and puzzles.

We have placed the information completely for you below from the Steam page, but we expect that the complexity options will be available on consoles. We will update this post if this does not happen.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider released on September 14, 2018, on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those who pre-order Digital Deluxe, Digital Croft or Croft Edition, can play the game two days earlier.

Shadow of the Tomb Robber

Settings for the shadow of the opponent’s tomb

New PC Features

  • Optional Y-axis inversion
  • Switching vibration on and off
  • Reduce camera shake
  • The ability to center the camera horizontally so that it is “soft” on Lara’s back, which requires only one stick for movement. Another stick can still be used to move the camera, if necessary.
  • The ability to press, rather than hold, the left trigger to aim at the sights
  • Ability to use the right (default) or left stick to aim at viewing the sights (left trigger)
  • The possibility of holding the button to click on the prompts, rather than pressing again
  • The ability to push the stick out for directions to control the crank, and not rotate
  • Adjustable sensitivity

Audio Access Settings 

  • Subtitles: Off, On. With color, On. Without color
  • Subtitles for the environment: displaying subtitles for all conversations occurring nearby, or only for critical conversations
  • Closed caption: display of additional or interpretive information, such as sound effects, music signals, and other relevant audio information

Shadow Street Difficulties Shadow

Four modes: easy, normal, heavy and deadly obsession – and survival instincts are back. Players can switch Beacon (the next objective location) and Glow (interactive objects) on. / Off. Regardless of the complexity settings. This excludes the installation of Deadly Obsession because this is the most difficult setting for everyone.

 the battle


  • Help
  • Enemies have less health and less harm
  • Boytsovskie boxes are plentiful
  • Enemies lit silhouettes


  • Enemies have normal health and damage
  • Ammunition is rare
  • Enemies lit silhouettes


  • Enemies increase health, cause more damage, and find Lara faster.
  • No recovery of health in battle
  • Ammunition is rare
  • No markers hit the grid
  • Enemies do not stand out in survival instincts

Death obsession

  • Same,
  • No HUD icon when Lara is detected by the enemy



  • Obvious white paint on the critical path
  • Longer capture timer
  • Base camps are illuminated


  • Discrete white paint on the critical path
  • Common saving capture timer
  • Base camps do not shine


  • No white paint on the critical path
  • Reduced memory capture timer
  • There are no survival instincts during exploration
  • Base camps do not shine

Death obsession

  • Same as Hard
  • Base camps are not covered and require resources for lighting
  • The game only in Basecamps



  • Lara gives direct clues about the next action
  • Interactive objects stand out in the Instincts of Survival
  • Objects necessary for progres, highlighted in blue during survival instincts
  • A longer window of opportunity for temporary mechanics


  • Lara gives general hints on the next action to perform
  • Interactive objects stand out in the Instincts of Survival
  • A normal window of opportunity for temporary mechanics

Hard / fatal obsession

  • No hints are given by Lara
  • There are no survival instincts
  • A shorter window of possibilities for timer mechanics

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