Play Tacticool on PC

Tacticool – a real tactical shooter, between the two teams of 5 real players. Take part in the game, which will send you to the arena, where the two teams will come together – red and blue. Play for the team of blue and try to destroy as many enemies from the red team, while using their starting weapons and various additional equipment in the form of pickups with machine guns. The main goal is to destroy as many red enemies as possible in the allotted time. But there are also additional goals, and this is the capture and holding of the bag with the money of your team. Find and guard the bag with the money, which at the end of the match will be shared between the players of the team. Guard the player from his team, who took possession of the bag with money, and if he is killed, then immediately select yourself.

Win in matches and get bags with the money you need to buy a new weapon and improve what’s already available. Your weapon sets will have automatic weapons, shotguns, rifles, automatic pistols, snipers and many other weapons. Each weapon has its own technical characteristics, it can cause great damage, but it is difficult to walk with it, it can have a long range, but has a long aiming time. In general, you need to find your weapon, which is more suitable for you and improve it.


Play Tacticool on PC

Download Tacticool for PC 

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