Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition) for PC

Pixel Gun 3D – an exciting application for devices on Android. The main difference of the game Pixel Gan 3D from similar developments is that it is focused on multiplayer and will allow you to fight with real opponents in the network. In addition, the application has the original graphics in the spirit of Minecraft and low requirements for the resources of the mobile device.

All you have to do is create unique characters in the editor and send your charges to the battle. The game supports several modes, among which two main ones – “Survival” and “Campaign”. In the first one, your character acts alone among the crowds of monsters and the main task that stands before him is to hold out in this situation for as long as possible.

In addition, the gameplay presents more exotic modes, such as team combat, death games, and others. Easy to add friends. In order to add a new friend, just tap the player’s name in the table and send him the corresponding request.


  • A large number of game modes
  • Hundreds of weapons
  • More than thirty maps and locations
  • Live chat with like-minded friends
  • Great three-dimensional graphics in combination with high-quality voice acting
  • Easy and intuitive control

Managing the actions of the characters is simple and to control their movements using the display of the mobile Android device. Installing the application requires loading the cache. The easiest way is to download the cache from the Internet using a wireless connection. The game is primarily loved by fans of action games and online battles. Communicate with a huge number of fans of the submitted application, fight with experienced and cunning opponents and get out of all battles as a winner!

Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition)

How to Download and play Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition) on PC

Step 1. Download BlueStacks and install it on your Windows or Mac OS computer. On the first screen, tap “Enable” to connect to mobile accounts and you’ll need to sign in with your Google account from the Android Play Store. Then click “Continue”;

Step 2. Log in to your Play Store account and your Google account. Click “Existing” to enter your login information;

Step 3. After connecting with the Google account, the program will display the apps off the Play Store, with the options of applications, games and more, as if it were the screen of your Android smartphone. To search for your favorite app, and use it on your computer, click on the “magnifying glass” icon and enter its name;

Step 4. Now type Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition) in the search bar.  After the search, click “Install” to continue and finish.

Step 5. When the download is finished click “Open”;

Step 6. Now your game will run on your computer, just like on your smartphone. To return to the Google Play Store page simply click on the “Arrow” icon at the bottom of the program.

If you still find it difficult you can check out the detailed instruction.


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