Our selection: Top 5 clone games

Today’s selection of games is dedicated to those developers who like to make popular clones of various games made in the format of arcades, shooters, puzzles, etc. Recently, developers have released a huge number of games reminiscent of Minecraft, Subway Surf, Clash of Clans and many other games that have become popular and are actively used by players from around the world.

So, our today’s selection includes such games as Clash of Kings, Clash of Puppets, 2048 ++, Flappy 3D and MiniCraft 2.

Clash of kings

Clash of Kings icon

Clash of Kings is one of the best clones of the online strategy for Android, which in its popularity is not inferior to the popular Clash of Clans. If you like multiplayer PvP battles, the game will not leave you indifferent. 

Screenshot 2015 07 13 21 55 44

The goal in this game is simple – to build your own empire, which will be the strongest and most powerful, guard it and prevent enemies from destroying and robbing it. The most important advantage of the game is complete freedom of action. You can play alone, building your kingdom, and join one of the clans and together with his support as they say “stand up.” 

Screenshot 2015 07 13 21 56 28

It is necessary to carefully monitor your castle and the adjacent territory so that your enemies cannot reach your treasury. Build farms, sawmills, mines, various buildings to explore new technologies, and do not forget to participate in fierce battles, fighting with the army of other players from around the world.

Download Clash of Kings for free from Google Play



Clash of puppets

Clash of Puppets hack n slash icon

Clash of Puppets is a funny cartoon platformer for Android with excellent three-dimensional graphics. At each level, you will find many different enemies that you have to deal with. According to the plot of the game, the main character fell asleep after a hard day and fell into his own dreams, which turned out to be not the most ordinary. You must help the character deal with the board that is going on in his head and destroy all enemies.

Clash of Puppets 1

In the game as vampires, werewolves, zombies and other creatures attacking our character from all sides. In order to skillfully fend off our enemies, we will use such weapons as bats, machine guns, swords, and even ordinary electric shock. Do not forget that during the journey you need to carefully move around the location, as often along the way we will meet many unusual obstacles in the form of lava, spikes and crumbling platforms. 

Clash of Puppets 2

The controls are pretty good: a standard virtual joystick for movement, as well as buttons for hitting and jumping. The game prepared several locations, each of which is divided into levels, to pass, which can literally be in one breath.

Buy Clash of Puppets on Google Play



2048 ++

2048 icon

2048 ++ is a modified version of the popular puzzle for Android. The developers decided to base the popular puzzle, which was able to surprise and diversify the idea of logical games, adding seven games to it, which are simply combined with the general design of 2048. 

Screenshot 2015 07 13 21 51 59

The game received a design in the style of Material Design. Simply put, familiar to many gameplay, but in a new, more modern shell. It should be noted bright colors that are pleasing to the eye and make the game more diverse. Regarding the gameplay, here are seven different versions of the same game. All modes are different from each other, but they retain the general idea of the original version of the game. Somewhere it is necessary to combine three elements instead of two, and somewhere the playing field is represented as a hexagonal field, the elements of which move in all directions. 

Screenshot 2015 07 13 21 53 37

This is the only clone that was able to pleasantly surprise and please all fans of the original puzzle. We get a stylish design and diverse gameplay with several modes, but a common goal. 

Download 2048 ++ for free from Google Play

Flappy 3d

Flappy 3D icon

Flappy 3D is a scandalously famous hardcore arcade game in 3D. Everyone knows this game, but no one has ever seen it in 3D, and this clone is one of the best and most interesting. As in the original, we will play for the bird, which is trying with all its might to overcome the road consisting of a multitude of three-dimensional pipes of green color. 

Screenshot 2015 07 13 21 47 44

If everyone is accustomed to the gameplay, then we didn’t have to see a voluminous bird before, now all feathers, shadows and more are visible, which was not in the original arcade. Everything else we will see the mountains in the background, beautiful clouds and sunset. The mechanics of the game remained unchanged and will please as well as simultaneously annoy us throughout the whole gameplay. Clicking on the screen, the bird will flap its wings, and try to fly between the pipes without crashing into them, gaining points and moving forward along a dangerous highway.

Screenshot 2015 07 13 21 48 04

In addition to the graphics in Flappy 3D, life appeared on Android, which will help us continue the game after a collision in the same place, and not start from the very beginning. And after reviewing a 10-second video clip, you can restore the data of life without spending real money on the game. 

Download Flappy 3D for free from Google Play

MiniCraft 2

MiniCraft 2 icon

MiniCraft 2 – the heir to the original Minecraft, in which we will deal with similar goals, and build beautiful buildings, trying to save their lives from zombies. In this game, there are four unique worlds. Our world has received trees, sea, mountains, and caves with animals known to man. Oddly enough, but we will fight with the gods of other worlds, trying to surpass them in everything. 

MiniCraft 21

Heaven, hell and the lair of Hades, who rules the dead souls. The clone of the original game turned out surprisingly interesting, which allows players to linger in it a little longer than in other copies of the sandbox. In addition to the standard game mechanics for making houses and destroying zombies, the game received many interesting features, such as finding magical armor deep in the ground or attracting strong mercenaries to your side to help you in battles. 

MiniCraft 22

True, the game is not without its drawbacks and the most important is annoying advertising. There were also problems with sound and minor tweaks with graphics. But despite this, Minecraft 2 is one of the best clones of the popular Minecraft.

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