Nyan Cat: Lost In Space for PC

Arcade ” Nyan Cat: Lost In Space ” – addictive game for mobile gadgets running on the Android platform. Going into the application for 5 minutes, it is simply impossible to break away from the gameplay.

A little about the plot The the central character of the application ” Nyan Cat: Lost In Space ” is a cute flying cat, which will need to move between different worlds, eating goodies and collecting coins to earn the right amount of points at each level. The cat is also unique in its appearance – it has an original cake instead of the body, and when eating sweets instead of it there remains a rainbow trail.

Game process
The player is faced with the task – to eat as much as possible sweets, while you need to overcome various obstacles, jump higher and higher, collecting coins. The game is represented by three modes, in which various tasks and goals are set. For completing the levels, bonuses in the form of magnets, accelerations and pleasant improvements are awarded.

Features of the application:
– Convenient intuitive interface;
– Bright graphics with pixel technology;
– Distribution-free of charge;
– Fun music;
– A variety of background landscapes;
– Primitive control;
– Three game modes.

Free distribution is guaranteed by the fact that from time to time users will be disturbed by commercials, but they should be treated condescendingly. A small application ” Nyan Cat: Lost In Space ” for Android-devices, which takes a lot of pleasant moments in the company of a cute cat-sweet tooth.

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Download “Nyan Cat: Lost In Space” Apk

How to Download and play Nyan Cat: Lost In Space on PC

Step 1. Download BlueStacks and install it on your Windows or Mac OS computer. On the first screen, tap “Enable” to connect to mobile accounts and you’ll need to sign in with your Google account from the Android Play Store. Then click “Continue”;

Step 2. Log in to your Play Store account and your Google account. Click “Existing” to enter your login information;

Step 3. After connecting with the Google account, the program will display the apps off the Play Store, with the options of applications, games and more, as if it were the screen of your Android smartphone. To search for your favorite app, and use it on your computer, click on the “magnifying glass” icon and enter its name;

Step 4. Now type Nyan Cat: Lost In Space in the search bar.  After the search, click “Install” to continue and finish.

Step 5. When the download is finished click “Open”;

Step 6. Now your game will run on your computer, just like on your smartphone. To return to the Google Play Store page simply click on the “Arrow” icon at the bottom of the program.

If you still find it difficult you can check out the detailed instruction.


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