NVR Neoline S31 is the best what they got ?

At the end of last year, Neoline joined the line of DVRs with a novelty called Wide S31. The compact DVR is equipped with a Sony sensor. Instead of a standard battery, it has a supercapacitor. The kit includes an anti-glare CPL filter. Unlike competitive devices, Neoline Wide S31 is quite inexpensive – about $ 80. Let’s get down to the review and see how the DVR will prove itself in practice.

Packing and delivery kit

The DVR is packed in a compact cardboard box, decorated in Neoline branded blue and white colors. In front, we see the image of the DVR in “full growth” with a brief description of its capabilities. The technical parameters Wide S31 are listed in the back. The package includes the DVR itself, two mounts – on the suction cup and double-sided tape, a car power adapter for two USB ports, a USB-mini-USB power cable, a USB-mini-USB cable for connecting to a computer, a user’s manual and a warranty.

review of the Neoline Wide S31

Due to two connectors in the power adapter to it you can connect not only the DVR, but also a smartphone for recharging. A long USB cable is convenient to use for powering in the car, and a short USB cable for connecting the DVR to the PC. The Wide S31 can be fixed to the windshield in two ways: using a suction cup mount or double-sided adhesive tape.


Specifications Neoline Wide S31 look like this:

  • camera resolution: Full HD 1920×1080 (30 fps);
  • viewing angle: 140 °;
  • screen size: 1.5 inches;
  • built-in supercapacitor;
  • anti-reflective CPL filter;
  • video recording format: MOV (H.264);
  • built-in microphone / speaker;
  • G-sensor;
  • Motion Sensor;
  • cyclic recording: 1/2/3 min;
  • continuous recording;
  • auto power-on;
  • stamp date / time;
  • stamp of state number;
  • MicroSD 8 GB – 64 GB (Class 10);
  • operating temperature -10 to +60 degrees Celsius;
  • Input voltage: DC 5 V, 1.5 A;
  • input voltage of memory: DC 12-24 V;
  • dimensions: 65 x 19 x 36 mm;
  • weight: 58 g.

Wide S31 parameters are similar to those of most modern DVRs. The device has a NovaTek processor and a Sony matrix. The lens is multi-lens, glass optics. The viewing angle is 140 degrees, the maximum video resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels at a frame rate of 30 fps.

review of the Neoline Wide S31

The DVR supports WDR technology, which improves the quality of shooting in bright sunlight and improves the readability of registration numbers in the dark. Polarization filter minimizes the amount of glare and parasitic reflections. It is recommended to remove the filter to improve the quality of night shooting. Instead of the usual battery, a supercapacitor is used – the manufacturer assures that it prolongs the service life of the DVR during operation in the case of extremely low or high temperatures.

Design Features

The case Neoline Wide S31 is made of matte plastic black. The front panel on which the lens is located, the DVR resembles a retro camera.

review of the Neoline Wide S31

review of the Neoline Wide S31

review of the Neoline Wide S31

The lens is on the right side, on it – a polarization filter. Near the lens, you can see a miniature slot, behind which is hidden the built-in microphone. The slots and connectors are on the sides of the case: on the left – HDMI, from the bottom – the port for the memory card and the reset button, to the right – the mini-USB connector for connecting to the computer and power supply. On the back panel is a small screen with a diagonal of 1.5 inches, LED power indicator and control buttons.


The DVR is fixed to the windshield using a suction cup mount or double-sided adhesive tape. Installation takes only a couple of minutes: choose a suitable place on the glass, put the DVR on the bracket and connect the cable. Wide S31 is activated simultaneously with the ignition on. When the ignition is switched off, the recording stops. The DVR provides protection from an emergency recording stop: if it stops, the device notifies the user about it using an audio signal.

The menu is simple: you can understand it without instructions. Here you can adjust the shooting quality, the length of the movie (1, 2 or 3 minutes), the exposure level, turn the motion sensor on or off, adjust the sensitivity of the G-sensor. If desired, the user can specify the number of his car, activate or deactivate the WDR mode.

The quality of the video is impressive: the picture is clear and detailed, the car numbers are clearly visible. When shooting in the dark, there are small noises, fixing the traffic situation, they do not interfere.


The DVR made a pleasant impression: there is nothing superfluous in it, it perfectly copes with its functions. Despite the miniature dimensions, the Wide S31 reproduces a bright, contrasting, detailed image. Despite the small noises during the night shooting, the numbers moving ahead and in the neighboring rows of cars are clearly visible. The device occupies quite a bit of space on the windshield – if desired, it can be hidden behind the rearview mirror.

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