Ninja Theory explains why they have decided to join Microsoft

The creative freedom of the Redmond, one of the key reasons.

The Microsoft conference at E3 2018 left several headlines, among them no doubt is the purchase of Ninja Theory for Microsoft Game Studios , in addition to other teams with a greater historical relationship such as Undead Labs and Playground Games. But what led Ninja Theory to become a first-party development team? Different members of society explain it in a video.

“When Microsoft approached us, it was totally unexpected and it was not something we really wanted to do,” says the creative director at the Tameem Antoniades studio . “Despite this, they asked us what our goals and ambitions were like a study in an ideal world, and then we said that we wanted to free ourselves from the triple-a mechanisms and make the games focus on the experience and not on making money. easy “, he explains. “We want to be more risky in the creative with adventures that define the genre without having the fear of being ruined,” he adds.

Hellblade was made with 20 people and very limited resources. Imagine what we can do with 100 people and the support of Microsoft“We want to develop our own adventures from our way of doing things, and above all we want to protect our team, our culture and our identity because that is the essence of Ninja Theory”, continued the manager, thus emphasizing the importance of keeping an independence from Microsoft. “I am convinced that this is an opportunity to take a big step forward , to fly without fear of the bump,” continued his declaration of intentions Antoniades.

And for the most enthusiastic of the study, a holder. ” Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is developed with a small group of 20 people and extremely limited resources,” recalled Dominic Matthews , commercial director of the British study. “Imagine what we can achieve now with a team of 100 people and supported by Microsoft respecting our vision,” he added.

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