Mortal Kombat X: PC

Continuation of one of the most violent fighting games has become a cult because of its endless Fatality and Brutality. Mortal Kombat X retained all the advantages of its predecessor, MK 9, and acquired new features, for the most part, enhancing the dynamism of combat and cruelty in dealing with the opponent. There are a lot of changes, and to check them in full it is desirable to download MK X from our site and personally try out all the new features.

Mortal Kombat X

The most noticeable change will be the appearance of the fighters, most of them are taken from the previous parts of the MC, their main features like the harpoon of Scorpio or the freezing of subzero are preserved. On this similarity with the previous parts end, each fighter has 3 varieties with different combat techniques and superstars that, of course, will complicate the training but will allow you to choose the most optimal option for yourself. Fatality is still associated with the characteristics of the characters but nothing like the Fatality of MK 9 you will not see. Brutality can now be performed right during the battle when the opponent’s health level is close to critical. It remains to be surprised at the fantasy of developers coming up with such brutal and painful methods of execution.
Arenas have finally become interactive, but it’s not all known Stage Fatality, you can interact with the environment right during the battle, hurling at the enemy that will fall under the armor go away from blows due to the peculiarities of the arena. Again, the scale of the run is returned, now the superstars have the usual and reinforced variants – in this case, several blows are immediately applied. The arenas themselves are not similar to what you could see in the previous parts of the MC, only the most memorable features of some areas have been preserved. Some of them have reduced visibility due to frankly acid colors and not always suitable special effects, but this is a very dubious drawback – some like it, some do not. 

Key features: 
– Another part of the most brutal fighting game on the PC with an even higher level of cruelty.
– Cardinal changes in game mechanics, each fighter got three variants with completely different fighting styles and tactics. 
– Interactive areas, competent use of their features can save your life more than once and win even a frankly unsuccessful round. 
– Still, high dynamism of the gameplay and all familiar fighting style is not similar to any other fighting game. 

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