Microsoft works on the Surface Pen’s battery system so we can forget about having to charge it before using it

Although it seemed at the time that the use of the stylus was doomed to fall into oblivion, the bet of some manufacturers has made it back to full. He started the Samsung race with that Samsung Galaxy Note that seemed enormous to us . A phablet with built- in stylus that we see today as small. Later came other brands and a good example is Microsoft with the Surface Pen or Apple with the Apple Pencil .

And in reference to the Surface Pen may in the not too distant future we find new features. From the American company continue working on patents that could come to light and seeking to give a twist to the Surface Pen as we know and use it today. Improvements that can even make us forget to have to load it .

Forget about loading the Surface Pen

This is what this patent suggests that refers to the use of a system to recharge the battery using this accessory wirelessly . No cables, but at the same time it would prevent the user from having to be aware of the state before having to recharge the Surface Pen.

For this Microsoft proposes to use solar cells , which would be an effective and comfortable formula to always have the Surface Pen loaded at all times. A system of solar cells that would be inside the pen and that would avoid the one that we had to always be aware of the level of the battery.

Surface Pen

But it is that here the striking aspects do not end, because if you thought that the charge would be made using the sunlight you were wrong. The Surface Pen would be powered by the light emitted by the Surface Pro’s screen , as it is more intense than ambient light.

“The pen gathers light during the interaction with the touch screen, while the stylus is very close to the touch screen”

The power panels inside the Surface Pen would therefore be modified to be able to capture and transform the LED light emitted from the touch screen . So they could even offer a faster charge level based on the higher brightness set on the screen.

And the possible developments do not end here, since from the American company they have also patented a kind of cargo dock for the Surface Pen . With the same we would place the Pen in vertical position so that the area of ​​the tip would coincide with a small LED light that would be responsible for feeding the Surface Pen while we are not using it.

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