Kingdom Rush Frontiers for PC

Kingdom Rush Frontiers – Awesome Tower Defense style game which is a continuation of the first Kingdom Rush. The developers did not change the mechanics of the game, they improved the gameplay, diversified the skills of the towers and added a plot. The basis of the gameplay remains unchanged, we have a playing field on which we need to build different defensive towers in specially designated places, then we let our opponents go and look at our defense, if the enemies did not reach the end of the path, the wave will be considered as passed.

And so, six waves in each level, with each wave of enemies will be more, they will become faster and stronger, therefore it is worthwhile to improve their facilities in time, and if necessary, change places by building a vapor barrier. Each tower not only can be improved, but you can also buy additional abilities for them, for example, a tower with necromancers can not only shoot, it can resurrect the skeletons of dead enemies who will be on your side and will help.

In addition to the defense towers, you have a hero at your disposal, he also has unique properties and abilities, they should also be used in peak situations. In total, the game received about forty levels, eleven unique heroes and several types of towers with different abilities and the possibility of an upgrade. For each victory, you will receive crystals and stars of experience, they are needed to buy different bonuses and open special abilities at the bases, so try to get three stars in each mission.

Features :

  • Fantastic tower defense game requiring a lot of strategic decisions. Excellent tools for experienced players: reinforcements, meteorites, freezing bombs, and medieval destructive nuclear weapons.
  • Strengthen the border in exotic new lands: keep the defense in deserts, jungles and even in the underworld! 
  • Eight new special improvements to the towers! Chop, burn and trample enemies with the help of forts crossbowmen, mighty templar, necromancers, and even earthquake machines. Yeah, we said we decided to shake things up. 
  • Over 18 tower capabilities! Let out the riders of death, plague clouds or murderers who rob and kill enemies! 
  • Over 40 enemies with unique abilities! Be alert while fighting sandworms, shamans, nomads, and the horror of dungeons. 
  • 11 legendary heroes. Choose your champions and develop their abilities! Each of them has unique features suitable for different styles of play!
  • Special fighters and opportunities at each stage! Watch out for the black dragon! 
  • Battles with ruthless bosses! Hey, we said you need to get improvements … 
  • The system of improvements allows the minimum or maximum improvement of the towers, depending on the chosen strategy. 
  • Long hours of play and over 70 achievements! 
  • Modes of classic, iron and heroic trials will help you test your tactical skills! 
  • Three modes of difficulty! Ready for the real challenge? Choose a hard mode! 
  • Enchanting charm with inspiring music, a full-fledged voice acting, and animation made with love! (Drawn blood is naturally attached.) 
  • Game Encyclopedia! A true warrior knows his enemies … and his towers. Learn!

Installing the game: Unpack the cache that is in the zip-archive and move the folder to / Android / obb / – Install APK (game) – Run the game. 
Download the game Kingdom Rush Frontiers for Android for free you can follow the link below.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Download “Kingdom Rush Frontiers” Apk

How to Download and play Kingdom Rush Frontiers on PC

Step 1. Download BlueStacks and install it on your Windows or Mac OS computer. On the first screen, tap “Enable” to connect to mobile accounts and you’ll need to sign in with your Google account from the Android Play Store. Then click “Continue”;

Step 2. Log in to your Play Store account and your Google account. Click “Existing” to enter your login information;

Step 3. After connecting with the Google account, the program will display the apps off the Play Store, with the options of applications, games and more, as if it were the screen of your Android smartphone. To search for your favorite app, and use it on your computer, click on the “magnifying glass” icon and enter its name;

Step 4. Now type Kingdom Rush Frontiers in the search bar.  After the search, click “Install” to continue and finish.

Step 5. When the download is finished click “Open”;

Step 6. Now your game will run on your computer, just like on your smartphone. To return to the Google Play Store page simply click on the “Arrow” icon at the bottom of the program.

If you still find it difficult you can check out the detailed instruction.


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