Gunstar Heroes, shots everywhere on your mobile

Sure you already know the saga of retro games that SEGA is publishing for smartphones, but if it’s not like that, I refresh your memory, it’s SEGA Forever . The last game that has come to this collection is Gunstar Heroes, a game that every lover of the shots must try .

When I decided to play Gunstar Heroes on my mobile a feeling of excitement and nostalgia ran through my interiors, but all my expectations fell apart when I tried the control system. Gunstar Heroes is a game that I had in my childhood for the SEGA Mega Drive console and in which I remembered a nice character handling thanks to the gamepad.

From the minute one you realize that this game is not suitable for touch screen controls. It is an action game in which you need to make quick decisions or change direction quickly to set other objectives and controls on the mobile screen ruin the gaming experience.

Checking Gunstar Heroes from the SEGA Forever mobile collection.

Despite the inconvenience described with the control system, I was not discouraged and kept playing. After all, maybe I could get used to this type of controls, but the truth is that it ruins the game experience.

The game itself is a delight, it is true to the original in all its aspects and if we have a bluetooth gamepad we will enjoy it without a doubt. It is a graphically modest game, since we remember that it was released in the year 1993 for SEGA Mega Drive by the company Treasure .

Action, shots, explosions and enemies everywhere.

If there is a word that summarizes Gunstar Heroes, that is action. It is a game in which at all times we will have something to shoot. We will have enemies that appear by land, sea and air and we will have to shoot them with our weapons.

Something new at the time was the shooting system, in which we can combine two qualities and thus form several types of shot. There are four types of shot: burst shot, laser shot, self-directed shot, and flamethrower .

The beauty of the matter is that throughout the game we can combine two types of shots . For example, we can combine the self-directed shot with the laser and thus obtain a self-directed laser. The surprise comes when we combine two equal shots, since we get a more powerful shot that keeps the original feature. Each situation will require a type of shot and will be decisive when finishing the final bosses.

Throughout the game, we will advance without stopping, it is a game with an accelerated rhythm in which we can not go backwards. Run and shoot!

Other features of Gunstar Heroes that make it an addictive classic.

Not everything was going to be shot, there are features in this game that got the attention of the gamers of yesteryear. The main feature to be highlighted is the cooperative mode , where we can play with two people simultaneously. If we already had the screen full of shots, with two you can not imagine it.

Sharing a game of Gunstar Heroes to doubles with a friend is definitely something you should try. The game can be played in a few hours, so there is no excuse. Besides offering more fun, the game is also much easier with two players.


If you like action games and enjoy playing video games of classic consoles of the 90s, Gunstar Heroes is a must-play. My recommendation is that you go directly from the mobile and enjoy it on a PC using a Mega Drive emulator . So that the experience is totally satisfactory you will need a gamepad and if you can also share that moment with a partner, satisfaction is guaranteed.

The additions that SEGA has made in the version for smartphones are basically the possibility of saving games, support for buletooth controls and the possibility of rewinding. Obviously, within the add-ons is seeing advertising or paying to eliminate ads. For all this, I’m left with the option of the emulator, allows you to save the game equally and many more options.

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