Facebook Artificial Intelligence should fix photo with closed eye

The technology is really at an extraordinary level, with ever faster advances. Artificial intelligence, for example, is a very broad field that is intended to be used to heal various problems, from the simplest to the cases that require more attention. The novelty of the time is that Facebook should use artificial intelligence to help your audience in a matter that annoys many people: photos with eyes closed.

According to revelation, Mark Zuckerberg’s company uses the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), which is the machine learning system that uses two neural networks. One of them is responsible for the recognition of people’s faces, the second one replicates the image in question and draws the user’s eyes on it. To do this the system uses the data of thousands of photos of Facebook to be able to define the drawing in the most natural way possible.

The result is really impressive and can make most other users even notice the modification. As we know, any modification done in the eyes ends up leaving the rest of the visual quite troublesome, however, in the case of Facebook, the change left all content in perfect harmony.
The technology is considered innovative and because of this, it may present some flaws. Therefore, it is not in any situation it will be possible to open the eyes of the people, the conditions must be right for everything to happen well. For example, in cases where the hair covers the eyes, it is practically impossible to solve the problem.

In any case, we can see how artificial intelligence can act on the small details and thus imagine what the future holds in relation to the subject.

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