Did you expect to play Halo 5 on PC?

It is one of the iconic sagas within Microsoft. We are talking about Halo , a title that has seen different deliveries under the same name. The last one is Halo 5: Guardians and it is available for Xbox while apparently it will still take to get to PC format, if it finally arrives.

And that the rumors had awakened after seeing how from Redmond added on the Halo website its availability for Windows 10 with the Xbox One. Would it therefore come to PC with Windows 10? That’s what many users thought and nothing is further from reality.

Apparently the arrival of the troop of the Master Chief to computers with Windows 10 should still wait. The Windows 10 option and its appearance in the corresponding web was due to an error . The Windows 10 logo was related to a specific function of the game.

In fact it has been Frank O’Connor, director of development of franchises of Halo, which has commented on this nuance. They are not working on enabling the arrival of Halo 5: Guardians to PC with Windows 10, at least for the time being.

That does not make his arrival to computers completely discarded; only that for now they do not contemplate this aspect. What we do know is that Halo Infinite , which will be the continuation of Halo 5: Guardians, a new title of the franchise, it will reach Xbox One and PC with Windows 10.

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