Developer Hearthstone turned into a chicken

The other day Blizzard company announced another addition to the card strategy of Hearthstone , ” The Draft Day of the Day “. The addition will be released on August 7, but until this time developers have something to tell and present. For example, new maps and mechanics.
And the team reacted creatively to the introduction of innovation. To start the leading game designers – Peter Weylin, Dave Kosaka, Jomaro Kindred, Khadija Chamberlain – was sent to Netherstorm and there they subjected to nightmarish experiments. For example, Peter turned into a chicken. 
It’s scary to think how the rest of the developers will find the modest trainee Levi, who is now entrusted with the task of saving the Hearthstone team!
It is worth noting that in the animated adventures of game designers in the secret research complex of Dr. Boom, a demonstration of the innovations of the “Boom Day Project” supplement is built in. And he worked on the series ” Journey to the Bumoratorium ” well-known to fans of Blizzard games Brian Calland, known as Wronchi. 

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