An unusual scary platformer with a tiny hero that will run around, jump and do not collect coins.

DERE EVIL EXE download free game DERE EVIL EXE on Android

DERE EVIL EXE – this is quite an unusual game, although at first it seems that she is like everything. Here you will play for the little hero of the Knight, who, like all other heroes in platformers, runs, jumps over various obstacles, makes double jumps, but this hero should not collect coins. You have to beware of coins and if you pick up at least one, then the hero will immediately burst into small pieces, and you will have to start with the last checkpoint. In addition, dangerous creatures will hide here, but you will not be able to jump on their heads, you will immediately lose. But not all creatures are evil, there are also good ones, who can jump on their heads.
In the game you will not only jump, but also look for ways to pass a certain moment. So for example you will have to move a large square stone and use it as shelter from coins, and also as a step that will help you climb a large mountain.


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