At last you can play World of Warcraft for free

Fourteen years after its release, you can now download free World of Warcraft .

Without any publicity, Blizzard has discreetly eliminated the need to buy the World of Warcraft base game , known as the Battle Chest, which costs around € 25.

It is no longer necessary to buy the game, you can download it for free from the official World of Warcraft website . The game and the first six expansions are included. All but the latest,  World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth , which goes on sale next August 14. Here you can see his trailer:

Of course, although you can start playing World of Warcraft for free without buying the game, after the trial period you need to subscribe. The monthly fee costs € 12.99, but if you subscribe for six months it goes down to € 10.99.

World of Warcraft is considered a dinosaur of video games, in many ways. Launched in 2004, it was one of the first MMOs (massively multiplayer games) that achieved universal fame despite the fact that, as we have seen, until now it required buying the game, and also paying a monthly fee. In its best years it had 12 million subscribers . More than 100 million people have tried the game through the free trials they launch from time to time.

Logically, in these 14 years World of Warcraft has been evolving and improving, with the launch of six expansions. As we have seen the last of them,  World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth , will go on sale on August 14.

Although games with subscription fees have almost been extinguished, replaced by the free-to-play of the Fortnite phenomenon or the sale of the game and the micropayments of Overwatch or PUBG ,  World of Warcraft still maintains the impressive figure of 7 million subscribers, becoming one of the video games that has generated the most money in history.

Its popularity got that the game was taken to the cinema in the movie Warcraft .

You can now download the World of Warcraft  official website to World of Warcraft .

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