Anthem, Battlefield V and FIFA 19 stars of EA at E3 2018

The Electronic Arts conference at E3 2018 was expected by many not only for being the first to open the fair, but also for knowing the artillery of software that EA prepares for the next times. As it could not be otherwise, there have been new games that will come in the short term (some already on sale, in fact), and others that pose a very promising future for the American company.

For starters, Battlefield V was one of the most anticipated games in terms of being on the move, and has not disappointed with an incredible demonstration. Information has also been provided about a FIFA 19 that, with the Champions League, renews the strength that EA Sports already had in terms of licenses. There have also been other sports video games such as NBA Live 19 or Madden NFL 19 .

As for ads, there has been an important ration. The rumored Unravel 2 has made an appearance that, by the way, is already available for purchase; and Command and Conquer: Rivals , a mobile update of Westwood’s classic C & C formula. But, undoubtedly, the star of the ads has been a Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order that, despite its anticlimactic staging, with Vince Zampella talking about him and not a picture or a video to put in his mouth, it is something certainly exciting.

In addition, the almost forgotten Sea of ​​Solitude with a beautiful trailer has been refreshed and some new features have been presented regarding EA Sports services. A demo of FIFA 18 World Cup Russia and the attractive Origin Access Premier.

The last dish has been the most attractive, with an impressive demonstration of the playable strengths of an Anthem signed by BioWare, which is undoubtedly the main star of the Electronic Arts catalog for the coming times and, to top it off, already has a release date.

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