All new Google Assistant

The Google Assistant celebrates two years, and to celebrate it in style, nothing better than to renew its interface and add new features.

In all this time, Google has detected that users usually interact with the Assistant both with voice and touch, and its new interface comes to take full advantage of these two ways of using the Google Assistant.

New Google Assistant, news

The new interface of the Google Assistant now uses the new Google Design interface, with which we will see the new text font Google Sans, new icons, and new design for their visual responses, such as time, stock market quotation, controls slides to manage the brightness or volume of the devices and cía. It also shows the larger images, so they are easier to see.

The new version of the Google Assistant also launches a new interactive messaging interface, which allows us to use your fingers to add a comma, change a word or make other quick edits as we write messages.


Google offers developers new tools so they can take full advantage of our device’s screen. For example, Starbucks now shows thumbnails to select from the recommended items in their menus, Food Network has larger images of their recipes and FitStar uses animated GIFs to show us a preview of their training.

Finally, on Android phones, we now have a shortcut to see an overview of your day. Now you just have to open Assistant and swipe up to get proactive information. If we continue sliding we will see recommendations and new commands.

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