5G-version of Samsung Galaxy S10 + will be released only in one country

The leak detector Ice Universe, known for accurate predictions about Samsung’s plans, said that Koreans are going to release a 5G version of their next flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 +. Soon the details on this subject were shared with @Samsung_News_. According to him, the Koreans currently intend to release the 5G-modification only in one country – South Korea. However, according to him, the company is ready at the last minute to change everything and release a model with 5G around the world.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 will have 3 versions: one, two and three cameras


Note that in the spring of next year, smartphones based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, which are rumored to support 5G New Radio by default, will appear on the market. Given that in some countries (the US, Canada, Japan, China) the flagships of Samsung traditionally go out with Snapdragon inside, it is not clear how the Koreans intend to release Galaxy S10 + in these countries without a new standard of communication. We are waiting for details.

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