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It’s no secret that many owners of Android devices for downloading games and other new software use such an app store as the Play Store, which from the hands of the guys from Google has been built into this operating system. By the way, to be honest, they did this far from being simple, but with the goal of preying on us, at the expense of purchases of paid content, and also squeezing juices from third-party developers, for juggling game ratings, this is no secret that many excellent toys have been in the tail of all existing tables for years, while at the top there are games with terrible graphics and no semantic meaning. In general, if you no longer wish to spend your hard earned money to purchase content, and want to see only honest ratings, then you have come to the right place.
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So, what do we want to offer you, that we are ready to outshine the Play Store? Yes, in principle, nothing special, just a third-party application store called “Nine Store” , which we think should be installed in every self-respecting gamer. By the way, and you want to know, why is he so good that we praise him?

First of all, all content in it can be downloaded for free, even the one for which money is demanded from us in the Play Market. Secondly, all the ratings in this application are real, not fictitious, because the estimates are made by people, not by Google’s bots. And thirdly, what we really liked in this software is that it has sections with music (you can listen to it and download it to your smartphone), and video materials (new movies, animations, and series). 

Well, perhaps, all that we wanted to tell you about this software, now it’s up to you to decide whether to continue to use Play Store, or to score on it, and install Nine Store for yourself? Personally, we think that the second option is much better!

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