5 great experiments of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Google has many interesting projects and as a company they have a strategic policy oriented towards feedback. That is, these projects and research in process that I am going to focus on today are available online for anyone to use and modify. I’m talking about Google’s Artificial Intelligence (IA) research .

In November of last year 2016, Google launched a website dedicated to all the relevant experiments that people were doing with AI and machine learning. There are some really eminent projects on the site, which have gained an important place and have attracted our attention; In this article I will tell you about the 5 most ingenious Artificial Intelligence (AI) experiments you should know and try:

1. Thing Translator

Thing Translator, according to my criteria, is simply the most useful AI experiment on the website. What this experiment does is basically: when you take a picture using the Thing Translator, it tells you what you see, as well as making a translation into another language. You can click on the language name to choose where you need the translation to be made. The experiment does not work 100% of the time; but that is exactly why it is called the AI ​​Experiment. However, its usefulness and usability is quite accurate almost all the time. It is something that you should definitely try; especially if you go on a trip, it could be another tool to know at the same time that you have a good time, discovering in a new way your environment and see how well you are doing with the identification of objects.


2. Giorgio Cam

Giorgio Cam is a camera with AI technology; which can recognize objects from which photographs have been taken and then make music with them. Therefore, you could point your phone at some fruits and take a picture using Giorgio Cam. This camera will try to recognize what you see and try to create a rap melody on this. It’s definitely a fun AI experiment to try, I’m sure you’ll have a great time with your friends. Obviously, the experiment itself has no meaningful use in real life; just the pleasure of having fun. However, the technology behind this simple experiment shows how good machines have become to recognize the objects they see. It really is amazing and could be implemented with other more important purposes.


3. Quick, Draw!

¨Quick, Draw! (Quick Drawing!) ¨ is an addictive drawing experiment, based on artificial intelligence technology and will definitely keep you playing for quite some time. In this experiment, you’re supposed to scribble on the screen, while the program tries to figure out what you’re scribbling. It’s definitely pretty good and works very well. It was easy to decipher 4 of 6 doodles that I did; which is significantly good, if we consider how badly I draw. Actually, I had a good time, but this technology will have other more productive purposes without a doubt.


4. Infinite Drum Machine or infinite drum machine

The Infinite Drum Machine is another fun AI experiment that you should check. The interesting thing about this experiment is that the computer only received the audio, without labels or descriptions; by using a technique called t-SNE, he was able to automatically organize the sounds in such a way that they would be grouped by categories of similar sounds. You can move and place the “drum loops” at any point on the map; besides adjusting the percussion sequence to make rhythms from it. It’s very funny, it’s worth the try.


5. Handwriting with a neural network

Handwriting with a neural network, this is a very intriguing AI experiment. Simply write a handwriting on the screen and the neural network terminal tries to create a stroke based on how you write. This experiment is not oriented to fun, but it is very interesting, especially to try to decipher what use this technology may have in the future. On the Google website you can read the text below the experiment to learn how it works and much more about it.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been implemented in numerous ways and is around us. There has been a significant improvement in the field of artificial intelligence in the last 5 years. This technology is being used in a variety of fields to improve efficiency and provide simpler ways of doing things; in short, for the benefit of humanity.

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AI experiments are a fun way to understand how this technology works and give you the ability to see it in action. There is no doubt that neural networks are getting better to understand what they see and are refining every day. As a result, our devices are getting better at recognizing the objects around them. There are many good things that can be done with AI. Intelligent assistants and robots are just the beginning of what can be done with an AI technology that works well. I mean, would not we all want an assistant like the Jarvis in our homes?

As always, I tell you, share your thoughts about AI experiments and the great things you think we can do with AI technology, let your ingenuity fly. Also, if you know of any other experiment that we should investigate, write me in the comments section.

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